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Empowering our holders with dominant web3 focused utilities

What is xolar collective?

XolarCollective is a collection of web3 focused tools which will empower holders with their journeys in this space. The team are all heavily invested into web3 itself and will be using the tools we build on a daily basis. If we think a tool would benefit us as a collective, we’ll build it

Never Miss A Mint With Our Cutting Edge NFT BOT

We are currently developing an NFT BOT which has 2 functions: Auto-minting and OpenSea Sniper (Ethereum)

Xolar WebApp

Holder's will get access to our WebApp. This will be the home of many of our upcoming tools

8 Months of Future Developments Planned

We don't want to release too much of the road ahead currently as this is a very competitive market. We have 8 months worth of future developments already in the pipeline
Xolar Key CARD

Mint info

Xolar Key Card Supply

The XC card maximum supply is 50. We will be hand picking users during our EA stage too mint

Mint price

XC cards will mint for FREE. There will be a monthly payment to keep the cards activated

Mint Date

Mint date and time is still to be announced. Keep a close eye on our Twitter and Discord

Xolar Collective


Phase 1

phase 2

phase 3

phase 5

phase 4


Looking for answers?

The maximum supply is 50. We will hand pick users over our early access phase to mint

We will mint for FREE

The team are huge believers of under promising and over delivering. We currently have 8 months worth of developments in the pipeline. We will cast votes to holders on what they'd like to see next

Early Access is a phase in our project where we allow our community to use the tools before mint date. This gives us the opportunity to fix any issues, and also acts as a "try before you buy" to members. Those who are actively supporting the development of our tool will receive access to the mint